Ex SD #23 Superintendent
Principal Maeve Buckley
Ron Rubadeau
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On May 31/98 School District #23 issued a layoff notice to Fisher and the very next day July 1/98 recalled him back to work.  By indicating a false reason for separation, SD23 falsified a Record of Employment and committed EI fraud to set up the fraudulent layoff rendering Fisher's
layoff null & void enabling Fisher to attain regular employee
SD #23 entered  "A" (code for shortage of work) in box #16 of the Canadian
Government Record of Employment (ROE). SD#23 set up a fraudulent layoff.
(A Punishable Offence under Canadian Employment Law, with fines up to $12,000 for each SD #23 Administrator who took part in the false entries) Section #398 of the criminal code of Canada
SD #23 Falsified a Canadian Government (ROE) RECORD OF EMPLOYMENT
Ex Chair Eric Buckley
On Jan 11/00 the SD #23 Trustees were given the facts regarding
the False Entries SD #23 made on the R.O.E., Bogus Layoff,
Blocked  Health Benefits and Dismissal in Violation of the Collective Agreement. The Board had a moral and legal obligation to handle
this matter in a fair and honest manner. Despite being given
concrete evidence, the Board stated that there is no proof
& thus condone the misdeeds of administrators.
April 7, 2000
School District #23 is protecting it's administrators & covering up their misconduct
SD #23 Board of Trustees
SD #23 Board of Trustees Feb 8, 2000
SD #23 Board of Trustees April 7, 2000
Legal action for defamation and malicious slander against
Superintendent Dr Ron Rubadeau (retired), Alan Akehurst (retired) Principal Maeve Buckley now at North Glenmore Elementary (NGE),
Director of Instruction Cathy Lownsbrough (retired) and
Vice Principal Alan Lalonde now Principal at Central School
SD#23's lack of corrective action on this matter has resulted in
parents moving from the school district, removing their children
from SD#23 schools & placing them in private schools and
people interested in moving to the area deciding against it.

SD#23 continues to lament about declining enrollment,
& does nothing to right the wrong done to Fisher.
SD#23 is out of touch with reality & lacks morals / ethics.
Ex Chairperson Baxter
An appointed Abitrator ordered SD23 to re-instate workers to 8 hrs/day 12mths/yr.
SD23 defied the Arbitrator's direct orders & reduced them to 4 hrs/day 10mth/yr.

SD #23 lied when it used two different reasons to lay Fisher off, 1/ a false
shortage of work and 2/ a false shortage of money to set up a fraudulent layoff.

SD #23 then turned around right away & had Custodian Fisher work
the entire so called layoff period, proving that there was money & work.

The Minister of Education issued a statement confirming that SD#23 was given
the necessary money to pay Custodian Fisher. There was no need for the layoff.

SD #23 admitted it falsified Fisher's Record of Employment when it used a false
statement shortage of work for his layoff rendering the layoff null & void.

Human Resources Canada found SD #23 made a false statement on Fisher's
Record of Employment when it used a shortage of work as reason for his layoff.

Section #398 Canada Criminal Code
SD #23 committed fraud on a government document.
School District #23's two different reasons for the layoff were false and misleading.
Fisher turned down the $5,000 SD #23 offered to settle.
Fisher calculates that  School District #23 owes him for
92 hours & $52,215 for lost wages, benefits and damages.
The RCMP should place charges of being an accessory
to the crime of fraud and theft against Superintendent Ron Rubadeau,
Director, Alan Akehurst (retired), Director, Cathy Lownsbrough (retired)
Principal, Maeve Buckley  & Principal, Alan Lalonde.
Superintendent Rubadeau continues to cover up the malfeasance and incompetence of administrators while his mishandling of this matter erodes morals and ethics in our community.
Superintendent Rubadeau was on a local radio talk show promoting morals & ethics in schools when confronted  about his own lack of morals & ethics, regarding the dismissal of Fisher. Rubadeau defended himself with
more denial & cover up...
"this young gentleman's opinion has not
     been sustained by the rest of the world."  
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Rubadeau is either disingenuous, in denial or dishonest
Hear Fisher accuse Rubadeau of being a hypocrite & Hear Rubadeau Lie right on Air
( takes a few moments but worth the wait)
Hear Alan Akehurst, Director of Human Resources for SD #23 admit on tape that... SD #23 lied when it entered a shortage of work on the Record Of Employment as the reason for the fraudulent layoff.
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School District #23 has skipped all over the map in mishandling Fisher's dismissal :
1/ there is no proof, 2/ the allegations have not been substantiated, 3/ your forum for redress is a meeting with the Board of Trustees, 4/ the proper avenue is through the Union, 5/ by-passing the Union SD #23 offered Fisher $5,000 to settle.
5/ Ignoring & by-passing the Union SD #23 offered Fisher $5,000
SD #23 offered $5000 to settle then said it needs the Union to act as SD #23's moral compass
1/ Despite being given concrete evidence SD #23 said there was no proof.
On Jan 26/05 Rubadeau announced that he will finally retire. Finally gone Apr 30/06
On this and the following pages you will find, contrary to Rubadeau,
substantiated proof of SD 23's fraud, lies, theft & malfeasance.
Palliate is a good word to describe what Rubadeau is doing.
Palliate means to cause a fault or offense to seem less grave or
less reprehensible: palliate a crimeglossing over an unethical transaction
whitewashing official complicity such as SD23 falsifing a Record of Employment
The RCMP opened a file ti investigate SD23
People became aware of SD #23 Trustees hypocracy when they were quoted
in the newspaper reacting to the BC Teacher's Strike that began Oct 7/05.
"For the good of our students, our teachers, our other staff, the families and citizens of the community, we implore the parties to make every effort to find a solution whereby all parties are treated respectfully, bargaining is conducted in good faith and a settlement is reached as soon as possible."
These misguided Trustee hypocrites should heed their own advice to
make every effort to find a solution, treat Custodian Fisher with respect
& reach a settlement as soon as possible with regards to SD #23's
conspiracy to defraud & wrongful dismissal of Mr. Fisher.
They ask others to do what they will not do. Such double standards.

Rolli Cacchioni
New Superintendent
allow  time for it to load
In wrongfully dismissing Custodian Fisher, SD #23 was "malicious,
high-handed, outrageous, reckless, wanton, entirely without care,
intentional, deliberate, callous, disgraceful, willful, exploitative and in
disregard of Fisher's rights and indifferent to the consequences.”
Alan Akehurst
The RCMP opened a file to investigate School District #23 related to the
crime of fraud and theft of thousands of dollars from Custodian Ken Fisher.
The RCMP opened a file to investigate School District #23 related to the
crime of fraud and theft of thousands of dollars from Custodian Ken Fisher
Alan Akehurst Ex Director HR
Ex Board Chairperson
                                                                                             ... signed by Alan Akehurst's SD #23's department knowing that the entry was false. SD #23 misrepresented the reason for issuing a ROE by using a false & misleading reason. The layoff was thus null & void.
SD #23 claims are groundless & fabricated.
J. A. Dixon
SD #23 colluded & conspired to discredit Fisher J.A. Dixon
Government of Canada Warning letter to employers, i.e. SD #23
If, as an employer, you commit EI fraud, the circumstances of the case may result in a warning letter being sent to you instead of a monetary penalty. For example, one of your employees stops working due to illness. You believe that he won't be eligible for sickness benefits, so you indicate "shortage of work" rather than sickness as the reason for separation on the Record of Employment. This doesn't affect your employee’s entitlement to benefits. However by indicating a false reason for separation, you have falsified a Record of Employment and have committed EI fraud.
Rubadeau would cut a foot off the top of a blanket and
sew it on the bottom then claim that it was a longer blanket.
Hugh Gloster
Spread  Misinformation
Weak character
Principal Alan Lalonde
Needs to Atone for Malfeasance
SD23 Meaningless Cultural Values (taken from SD23 web site)
is the building block for relationships and the basis for trust.
is the absence of falsehood and the action of full disclosure.
is the ultimate test of moral strength.
is when honesty is present, integrity will also be apparent.

is being accountable for our actions and their consequences.
is demonstrating responsibility.
is doing our best to meet the expectations of ourselves and others.

is "to consider worthy of high regard".
is an attitude of honouring people and caring about their rights.

is a feeling of concern, compassion and understanding of an other's situation or feelings.
is recognizing individual situations and differences.
is fairness ensuring impartiality where everyone plays by the same rules.

People are concerned when they read SD23's Culture Values.

SD23's dishonesty, fraud, malfeasance, falsehoods, disrespect, irresponsibility,
dishonor, partiality, lack of accountability, lack of morals, lack of full disclosure,
lack of compassion, lack of understanding, lack of consequences and lack of
fairness while wrongfully dismissing Custodian Fisher renders their Culture
Values meaningless. SD23 Administrators are a sad group of hypocrites
setting a very bad example for students.

Ron Rubadeau...a Master MANIPULATER
School District 23 Set Up Fraudulent Layoff & Wrongful Dismissal
CUSTODIAN - KEN FISHER....Well trained, dedicated and excellent at his work,
became the victim of SD23's Fraud, Lies, Malfeasance & Incompetence.
Canadian School District  #23 lacks the honesty, integrity & courage to do the right thing.
"People are in disbelief that
a School District has been
dishonest & hypocrites".
"Students & Parents have lost respect for a School District
that lacks ethics & morals".
By indicating a false reason for separation, SD23 falsified
a Record of Employment and committed EI fraud
SD23's Lies & Malfeasance Behind The Fraudulent Layoff
SD #23 then used the fraudulent layoff to block Fisher
from reaching regular employee status that included
employee rights & benefits he had legally earned

SD #23 conspired to defraud Custodian Fisher
of his rights & large sums of money.

SD #23's wrongful dismissal of Fisher violated his employee rights

Rubadeau's SD #23 used fraud, lies & malfeasance
in a vendetta to wrongfully dismiss Fisher
SD #23's claims against Fisher are groundless & fabricated.
SD #23 colluded & conspired to discredit Fisher.
J. A. Dixon
SD #23 stated that it had conducted a "complete and thorough investigation".
When asked to provide a copy of that investigation report, SD #23 claimed
that there was nothing in it's files related to any investigation !
You have a moral & legal obligation to compensate Fisher for
lost employment, pension, benefits and for damages.
By allowing this to go on for so long you have caused
parents, students and the community to suffer the
negative effects which simply isn't right for SD23 to do
Ex Chairperson Cacchioni,Trustees & Superintendent
1000 - 2500 Fewer Students Enrolled in School District 23 Due to This Scandal
$6.5 - $16.25 Million in Lost Transfer Payments From the Provincial Government
School District 23 has earned a Tarnished Reputation Worldwide as a Bunch of Hypocrites
SD23 Administrators demonstrate to students how to be hypocrites, how to cheat and how to mistreat others
In the years
School District  Fraud + Lies + Malfeasance
& Fraudulent Layoff To Set Up Wrongful Dismissal
By indicating a false reason for a layoff, SD #23 falsified a Record of Employment & committed EI fraud
SD #23 Committed Employment Insurance Fraud
SD23 Used a Falsified Record of Employment (ROE)